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What a nasty bitch that Gina Killmer is. Decked out in black leather, she decides to take her two dogs for a walk. Both men are naked, wear spiked dog collars, and are attached to a leash that their evil femdom controls. She then removes the leash from their collars and chains it to their cock and balls then makes them move apart from one another, effectively torturing their genitals. By the time she is done with them, they will no longer be men; through her clever means of humiliation, they will become real slave dogs
By the time she is done with them, they will no longer be men; through her clever means of humiliation, they will become real slave dogs

Femdom Tyrannizes Two Man Slaves

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Thomas is a middle-aged banker who loves to be dominated by a beautiful woman. He meets his match in the form of Deane. This elegant dominatrix starts off gentle, by giving Thomas a nice deep-throat blowjob. Things quickly turn ugly, however, as Deane pulls out her bullwhip and orders Thomas to strip. He is told to get down on his knees; he does what his mistress orders. The kinky femdom next orders her manslave to eat her pussy while she smokes a cigarette. And what does she do next with that cigarette? Just what Thomas wants she burns his scrotum. Thats only a small taste of what Deane has cooked up for her submissive whipping, foot worship, and bondage are all on the menu in the latest Tyrannized session!
Executive Dude Pays Dominatrix to Burn His Balls with a Cigarette

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